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Going To College - Dorm Checklist

Click Here for a printable version

* Remember to contact your roommate first so you don't have duplicate Irons, Ironing boards, Pans, etc...
* Don't waste space by bringing things that you can wait and buy at Walmart ( Unless you already have them )

  • Answering Machine*
  • Alarm Clock (with dual alarm settings)*
  • Bathroom Accessories*
    • Cologne
    • Razors / Shaving Cream
    • Shampoo / Conditioner 
    • Shower Caddy ( To tote your shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc... )
    • Shower Shoes ( Who knows what your roommate was doing )
    • Soap ( Dove 1/4 moisturizer is the best )
    • Toothbrush
  • Bean Bag*
  • Bedding ( Usually a twin extra long )*
    • Sheets and pillowcases 
    • Bedspread or Comforter
    • Blankets ( Unless you live in South Florida those dorms can get cold )
    • Egg crate foam mattress 
    • Pillows ( Take extras. Good for when friends need a place to hang out )
  • Bike w/ U-Lock
  • LAPTOP COMPUTER & PRINTER (just about any new laptop computer will do) If you have the room, a second large monitor will help you be a lot more productive.
  • A mouse you can plug into your laptop.
  • Desk Accessories*
    • Bulletin Board
    • Desk Caddy
    • Desk Lamp
    • Highlighters
    • Paper
    • Pens
  • Entertainment**
    • Board Games
    • Cards
    • PlayStation3
    • Stereo ( to plug your ipod into, or you can just use your laptop to save space )
    • Flat Screen TV ( flat screen 23-27in )
  • Fan ( For those five star dorms without A/C )*
  • Iron **
  • Ironing board ( Miniature)**
  • Kitchen Supplies**
    • Ice cube trays
    • Bottle Opener  (w/ cork screw)
    • Can Opener
    • Cutting Board
    • Dish towels
    • Garbage can
    • Measuring cups/spoons
    • Microwave
    • Oven Mitts
    • Plastic cups, plates, bowls, utensils ( Start saving those Mc Donalds & Seven Eleven cups)
    • Pots and Pans - sauté pan w/ cover and sauce pan w/ cover  ( Some of mom's old ones will do )*
    • Refrigerator-Freezer
    • Sharp knives
    • Spatulas and Wooden spoons
    • Spices ( Salt, Pepper, etc... )
    • Tupperware
  • Laundry Basket*
  • Rug**
  • Small first aid kit ( ASPIRIN, Band-Aids, ace bandage, cold medicine, etc... )*
  • Small sewing kit ( It's not that hard )*
  • Sleeping Bag (so that your boy/girl friend can sleep on the floor.  Hi MOM )
  • Telephone if you want to be old school*
  • Tool Kit (hammer, nails, screwdrivers, screws, thumbtacks, etc. )*
  • Umbrella
  • Wiring Accessories*
    • Cable TV Wire
    • Multi Plug Extension Cords ( You can never have enough )
    • Battery backup / Surge Protectors
    • Telephone Wire ( 40 ft )

    Click Here for a printable version


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